Saturday, June 6, 2015

Good morning sunshine

What's really funny about movie jokes it's too feel identified with them.

That's why I'm sharing with you this pic from Walt Disney's animated studios' "Frozen". The actual fact's story I'm about to tell you happened this year...

- Mom and dad: zzzzzzzzz
- One: Mom?  Is that you making noises in the kitchen?
- Mom: No, I was sleeping!
- Dad: zzzzzzz
- One: What's for breakfast? I'm hungry...
- Mom: (tears of resignation) I'm coming honey, I'll be in the kitchen...
- Dad: zzzzzzz

It was a beautiful  juin's morning. It was sunny, and the cold wind shook the branches softly. Diaz family were cozily sleeping when all of a sudden...

- Two: dadadada .... ta ta ta ta!
- Mom and dad: zzzzzzz
- One: Mom?
- Mom: hhhhmmm?
- One: My little brother has awoken, but I'm still sleeping.
- Mom: My maternal instinct is telling me you're awake too darling...
- Dad: zzzzzzzzz

Monday, September 5, 2011

And where were I?

I were telling you we found our first apartment (september 2009)

Barramejo was waiting the begining of his public french course called “francisation” available to all non french speakers immigrant and that gives in most cases an economic weekly support. I were looking for a job almost from our arrival.

Let’s beggin with the shortest story: Barramejo was evaluated to know what his french level was in may, but it had already started so he had to wait for a new group to be gathered or for the previous level group to “upgrade” to be able to join them. I would love if Barramejo would tell himself all about his french learning here. But for him, editing this blog is as good as it gets. He doesn’t really like to write, so, we have to content ourselves with my impressions of his experience.

Little boat seen from Trois-Rivières port

So, he had no choice but to stay at home waiting a letter from the french school to arrive. Barramejo went to the french course given at SANA by André a volunteer who if you ask me he’s Clint Eastwood’s twin, Barramejo also used to go to the library every week and he watched TV in french only.

Barramejo made himself a routine and he made a huge headway in his french learning process at his own pace and manner. The awaiting reached five long months and in that lenght of time he was far from being at the level he was in may.

Champlain's arrival to Trois-Rivières

In december he finally got accepted at the french school. The teaching method is perfect for someone with absolutly no previous contact with the language. Study groups are made of entire families of immigrants whom sadly most people is very busy trying to avoid get employed somewhere. I don’t want to be misunderstood but it’s a matter of likes. There is people happy with the idea of studying french a couple of years even if they already speak the language before even thinking of working. And there’s those who believe in working once you can speak in order to fit in your new society. There were always be more than one way of adapting yourself to your new home, depending on each family’s strategy.

All those lines to say Barramejo got quickly tired of his french course. He already knew what they were teaching him and unluckyly some of his classemates where more interested in being payed for studying than actually learning the language, so the class was not avancing a lot (or at all). In january (just a month after) he decided to sign up for the university french course, that really fullfilled his needs in terms of content and speed and allowed him to speak and write much better. The university french cours can be payed as a student loan. This province pays a part of it as scolarship and we start to pay our part six months after the studies are over.

Flowers at Victoria park

In the meantime I kept thinking that my french could only be improved while working. My story (and the end of Barramejo’s story) I will tell in another post.