Friday, September 25, 2009

T-Rès Trois-Rivières

Just as the motto I ♥ NY, Trois-Rivières, our adoptive hometown has it's own very interesting motto: T-Rès + a shock word such as "cool", "chic", "wow". I just love it. This four months we have been enjoying ourselves thanks to the magic word "loisir" I don't even think that exist in my dear Colombia. We have seen concerts, theater, all kinds of street shows, we have also eaten cakes, hot dogs, corn... we have been in a lot of free activities. July the first (Canada day), we witnessed fifteen minutes of this:

But the spectacular one, was this, presented by the grand prix de Trois-Rivières and the 375 years committee, syncronizing music and a narrated story we were fortunated enough to see the whole 30 minutes trip through history, it was actually touching:

This year the town it's also the cultural capital of Canada, so the amount of free activities organized by the city is countless, not to mention we're living right in front of a park.

I'm starting to fall in love with this city, but I'm really taking it slow untill I survive my first winter. For now, I just try to keep my camera as close as possible in order to find the treasure hidden in this land. These are some of the pics I've sent to the flick r group:

and well, coming soon, there will be some new pics joining this bunch cause this sunday (27th september) we are going to see (for free obviously) a cirque du soleil show.

Je suis vraiment T-Rès contente!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The arrival, Part 1: From Bucaramanga to Toronto

Our glorious arrival to Canada... wouldn’t happen before we said good-bye to our loved ones. And it was hard to do... actually, still is.

We prepared ourselves during a long time for things such as the weather, language, finding a job, but we never quite thought before what we were suppoused to do the day our mothers will be left behind, crying our departure. It’s tough!!! We barely caught the flight, the whole family was there and let me tell you: we are many people and quite loud.

Bucaramanga viewed from the airport.

After leaving our family... arriving to “el dorado” airport. To wait 5 hours to take our flight to Toronto. The trip was horrible! You just can’t sleep. The crew it’s actually over the top nice, food it’s balanced, you can watch movies or tv shows, listen to music, all planed to make your torture in those chairs human.El Dorado airport, Bogotá - Colombia

In Toronto... everything it’s so easy! We had 2 hours to do our paperwork before catching our flight to Québec and that was fine. We did it all in less than an hour. Everyone it’s nice, I guess speaking english was the key, we were asked fewer questions and truly those questions were simple... just routine questions.

People traveling with Air Canada: I highly recommend watching this video, you’ll know the whole way you have to make in the Pearson airport.

From Toronto to Québec, still in Pearson’s terminal 1, we took a Jazz plane. In this flight we got to see much better Canada. It was Wednesday the 29th april and nature was still recovering from the hard winter. I mean that seen from above that day, everything was brown. My eyes were familiar with green and mountains just the day before, this almost gave me a heart attack on air.

But it’s not ugly at all, there’s a lake or a river almost everywhere. Lots of lakes and rivers in that tiny plane window.

Landing at Jean-Lesage airport. Small, well organized, people it’s kind, in both airports bathrooms are easy to find, clean and free. (Why can’t they be that way in my dear Colombia?)

We didn’t stay long at Jean-Lesage. We traded some US dollars for canadian dollars, our first contact with the currency. The bills are larger than the pesos bills, they are pretty. Coins are collectible, mostly the 25 cents one. There’s a 25 cents coin for everything: Vancouver 2010, support for AIDS victims, hunters, bears, ducks... nevermind. Those are the ones we use the most calling from Bell phones everywhere. (But not yet Colombia I hope our mothers will forgive us one fine day)

Jean-Lesage airport, Québec city

Where were I? Oh yes, the currency exchange. Then we were ready for taking our cab to Orlean’s Express bus terminal. Something cool about Québec (the region) is that taxi charges are the same for all cities, you just have to look in google maps how many kilometers there are in one path so you can have the (almost) exact amount the cost you'll pay.

Round one with doors in this country. In the airports you walk and most of the doors open automaticly forwards. Sometimes they open to the sides like Colombian doors. Manually most of them most be pulled outside. So once in the bus terminal we stood like two idiots waiting the terminal to open.

What truly happened is that we couldn’t figure out how to open the door! Silly me! Once the “huge” problem of entering the terminal was over, we bought our tickets to Trois-Rivières. It was 11:30 in the morning in Canada, 10:30 in Colombia, we were exhausted, waiting the 14 h bus and thinking of our mothers, who probably were praying for us to call. The travelers, a couple of ungrateful children who wouldn’t call them nor that day, nor the next... I better stop, if not I’m going to get a good spanking.

Gare du Palais (Québec) Orléans Express.

Well that’s it for today, I’ll finish to tell how ended our journey in the second part of the story.

Hugs to everyone, I’m glad to be living in Trois-Rivières.

Friday, May 1, 2009

770 days later... here we are

That's what trackitt tell us. That we have been waiting 770 days this day. The one we could write you from Québec!

and how our arrival went.... actually we would like to write it down with all the details we can. So we are letting it for later.

Today we are more interested in telling you about the planning of the trip.

We arrived the last 29th april. And in order to actually make it we had to:

1. Collect the money. Nobody from our relatives, managed to escape the unconfortable question of: Can you lend me some money??? We were really ashamed to do so, but... we had no choice. Many things happened and of cours it's a little intimidating starting a new life with a huge debt. We took our chances and here we are.

2. Scanning family pics: I did it a long time ago but it isn't bad to remember to do so. I'm a true fan of pics and I have several gigas of memories!

3. Unsuscribing from the colombian social system. The money I have payed for my retirement will be back in a thousand years if I'm still alive, great.

4. Buying the tickets. In Colombia there's an organization called OIM. They pay half the ticket but only if you reserve with full fare. It means that as we traveled in april we got a better fare in a travel agency. I'm guessing OIM has to be a good deal if you are travelling in the summer season.

5. Selling our stuff. To be honest, you want to pack the whole country in your bags. But you just have the right to carry two bags never depassing 23 k. Our belongings where sold just in time for the big day (28th april).

6. And talking about baggage: buy the bags! At first we just bought two. Then my father in law gave us another. And in Bogota's airport we had to unpack a little bag to redistribute two kilos of overweight. We look crazy packing and unpacking our stuff in the airport!

7. Buying clothes according to your likes and budget. I'm not saying there's not good clothing in Canada, but we have to admit it's cheaper in Colombia. Just buy what you'll need, you have to remember the airline's limits and rules for your baggage weight.

8. Change the currency. You start to spend dollars in Bogota's airport. (Paying a fee to leave the country).

9. I'm a music lover. So add more gigas of colombian music to the gigas of pictures I brought! All my music is all the ID I need to let people know where I come from!

10. The art of saying good-bye. This one we leaved at last. It's really hard to say good bye to your family and friends. And I really suck at it, I'm a true crying baby. I don't even like people to see me cry. At the end everyone saw me cry and even my evil sister took pictures of the massive crying in the airport (my sweet sister... you are really something).

The flight took off at 23.40h. You have to line up for everything in Bogota. To sleep is imposible. the chairs are uncomfortable. The flight crew is a 100% canadian. One of the flight attendants (She was really really nice) was from Québec. The only thing it's that it was a nightmare to understand her english. We had to wait until she spoke in french to understand given her spanish was worse than her english.

So this is it. One of this days I promess I'll come back to read your blogs, reply emails and write as usual our stories.

Au Revoir!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Learning french according to youtube (and the visa arrival!!)

No news. Well, only that yesterday we noticed thar our status changed from "en cours" to "decision prise" I guess that means the visa will arrive in no time.

So we are remembering the whole frech learning trip we have made. And what better way to tell how we learned french than watching a few youtube videos? This is what happened to us:

At first, our poor teacher struggled to make me pronounce right the basics of the language and I was really really bad at it!:

Then, I felt in love with the language and suddenly I just wanted to translate everything to french!!

The result? I speak english (or at least I try to) since 2000. French since 2008. And now, I'm ashamed to admit that I speak english with an odd accent like this one:

Yep, I better keep writing!

For obvious reasons the videos displayed at the french and spanish versions are different, I invite you all to give them a look.

I hope we'll continue to laugh together!

Update: My mother in law just call me to give me the good news: the visas finally arrived!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sentences you will hear while your visa arrives

My question is, are you honestly prepared for actually getting your Cértificat de Séléction du Québec? Do you really really know what that means? We didn't knew anything. We were unprepared, and I hope you won't.

After you finally get your CSQ, you tell your family, friends, work buddies, neighbourgs and even your pets, that you are truly going to Canada. That's a fact, BUT you still have to wait the visa arrival, in Colombia's case that might take 3 to 16 months, sometimes more than that. You believe that's pretty clear to everyone, (poor little thing) but IS NOT.

So before I start this "top ten", let's first try to get truly pro's at the fake smile that will save you from a social disaster, your face should look like this:

1. Grit your teeth.
2. Start lifting your lips.
3. Always think pretty thinks, for instance, that an anvil is going to hit the speaker at any moment. Just as seen in the Looney Tunes.

See? it isn't that hard. Just never forget to answer smiling like this. It's going to be good for your health I swear.

So here they are, the experiences and sentences you will hear a million times (and even more)

0. This is "0" because even if you are not actually traveling, people has the idea that Canada is the north pole and so, you're going to live in an igloo and your neighbourgs will be the penguins and polar bears.

1. Prepare yourself to loose your name. "Peter", "Mary", "David", "Spike", that's ancien history! From now on, you'll be named for eternity and until you take that flight, as "The one who leaves", let's take a look at it in context:
You're walking in the street. Someone sees you and aproaches you, this person will always start the dialogue this way:
1.1 Oh... hi! You must be Susan's son, the one who's leaving to Canada!

You're introduced to someone new. This is the actual dialogue you'll hear:
1.2. Mr. Smith, let me introduce you to my daughter, she's the one who is leaving us... In this case your parent will always add himself to the sentence and a little tear will show up, fighting to get out of there.

2. You'll be the biggest moron on earth. Did you know about Sara? She has to be crazy! She spends hours and hours studying french when she's migrating to Canada!

3. You feel like your mom's about to write your obituary.
- My beloved son, I can believe this is your last x-mast with me! (little tear showing up)
- The last valentine's !
- The last mother's day !
It sounds like if they already knew the exact day you're going to die! (well actually this is not entirely bad, you'll see at grandpa's birthday how your piece of cake is Godzilla-sized, cause you're the one who's leaving!)

4. Suddenly, everyone is an immigration lawyer.
4.1. How come you have to wait so long? That's not normal! ring the embassy right away!!!
4.2. If the cousin's brother of a friend got the visas in only two months that means there's something wrong with your file!
4.3. And if they denied you your visa? Dear, you better call ASAP to find out what happened instead of waiting like a dumb all your life! (For Christ's sake remember to smile here before world war III begins in your livingroom!!!)

5. This is the cherry at the top of the icecream and it happens after you take the medical exam: Baby! you're actually leaving the country? I tought you had forget this crazyness! Why don't you just try and think about it twice?

6. There's always a street wise. The one who knows this world better than God (but in reality doesn't know anything other than his own state)
6.1. So finally you're not going to Canada? It's better that way. You always see at the news that there, the kids shoot their little buddies with mini-uzzis in kindergarden, colombian people are discriminated everywhere and it seems to me they're in the middle of an economical crisis. It's better to stay! (well the only thing you can deny this guy is that, to you, Colombia is the most beautiful country in this universe, and you'll miss it forever)

7. Get used to be greeted and inmediatly be asked "How's the Canada thing going?" In that case, always smile and then answer, "fine, everything's the same than always" I strongly recommend to do so, cause a day I was really angry I answered one of my cousins "I'm tired of you asking me all the time the very same thing, go and read my blog, that's why I created it in the first place!" And guess what... He was really mad at me!!! At least he isn't mad anymore... at least that's what I think... -gulp-

8. Your parents become the target of all kinds of immigration questions:
-And how they got that visa?,
-Natan hired a lawyer or something?,
-Can you write me down the whole process? I hope we're finally getting rid from Julian that little good-for-nothing!!!

My mother in law answers pretty fine.... But my mother! Oh my God! She has told everything, that I have a student's visa, that a Canadian enterprise hired me, that i'm a refugee... everything but the truth of course. At the end she always gives my e-mail adress so people ask me directly. (MOMMY I LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH DON'T GET UPSET) - I'm smiling and I look so adorable! -

and last but not least:

9. Your existence is anulated and erased from this country. And there are two different cases.
In the first case, the speaker is related to you, or kind of. You'll always hear:
But how!?! You are not in Canada! I thought you were already there! (Attention: From the moment you hear the yell how! you MUST start to smile)
You should answer, No Mr. Knowles, I'm not travelling until next year... (Idiot, how could I be in Canada if I'm standing here in front of you!)

In th second case, the speaker is not that close to you. Is the same sentence but they are never going to say Canada:
But how!?! You are not in Spain! I thought you were already there!
But how!?! You are not in the US! I thought you were already there!
But how!?! You are not in Australia! I thought you were already there!

Try to keep a record of the countries you'll hear. Our three winners are above and in that exact order.

Sometimes, just sometimes I feel like this:

I have to confess that my husband advised me NOT to publish this but I strongly believe they're going to take it as it's written: with love and humour. If they don't, I'm officially dead (at least my obituary is ready).

If you ever experienced this, you can tell us your anecdotes in the comments. Maybe I'm forgetting something, or your families are even more awful than mine! hihihihi

Love hurts we can certify it!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Medical tests

All prospect immigrant has to take a medical examination in order to receive the visa. For those who already noticed, in our post "timing" we already updated the tests date.

The past monday, 2nd march we had to travel to Bogota by bus, we parted sunday night and arrived monday at 7 h. One hour later we were at the doc's office. We chose dr. Vaillancourt just because they were the firts we called friday, and they gave us an appointment for monday. At 8 h at the doctor's we payed our examination and tests, they took us a pic (we looked funny after the journey) And they took a blood and urine test, thank God they took the pee test because we were holding!

Our appointment was at 15 h. The x-rays had to be done in a different place, so as it was early and we didn't have pretty much to do in Bogotá we decided to walk (just 24 blocks!) 'till there.

Once at X-rays we were told to wait. By now we're truly pro's on waiting. Thay called us by our names, and we were ask to take off our clothes and wear a robe. Thank god the procedure was really quickly, cause in spite of being in the robe I felt naked!

The results won't be ready 'till two hours later. What to do meanwhile? We decided to find us some good lunch (finally!!!) and (yep, that's right) to wait!

Two hours later... we got the results. We never had the chance to take a look, cause the were sealled. So we took a cab to take us back those 24 blocks, just so we wouldn't look tired and sweaty at the doc's. We arrive half an hour in advance, but we didn't have to wait long. We were called to the doc's office at the same time but with different docs. By my side I can tell that I was given a blue robe... yes to undress one more time, we were quite a show actually, we were asked to strip everywhere! The examination: The doctor makes you a few questions, sizes you, weighs you, then he pushes your tummy and feels your throat as if he would find there diamonds. Then he sits on his desk:

- Are your test results are fine and normal.

- Thank you!

- Don't worry, talk do the secretary in order to receive information regarding your results and certificate.

- Thank you doctor. (really I didn't say anything but thanks the whole conversation)

- You're welcome.

And that was it. The secretary told me I could call in the morning to be given the number of consigment of our results. With that number we could track the package in Fedex' website.

Then, we looked for a bus to take us back to Bucaramanga. We couldn't find anything early. We arrived to our beloved city by 5 h tuesday. We slept all morning! And in the afternoon we went back to work, how responsible huh?

Our test traveled tuesday morning from bogota and arrived well friday morning in Puerto España, Trinidad y Tobago. After that, we don't know anything at all, the online status of our process keeps showing the same it showed A YEAR AND A HALF ago. No surprises in that department.

But what is important to us is that anyone can deny we're very very wise!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

the interview

There's not a good blog of immigrants without the clasic interview post.

We remind you is not necessary to hire a lawyer or migration expert to represent you. The process is quite simple, you can easily do it all by yourself.

We were notified of our interview two months before. This left us plenty of time to prepare ourselves for the interview. Me, being the main aplicant, were extra-nervous. And all due to what? To a failed attemp to visit my favorite uncle of the world in Spain.

I repeated myself: How come I'm going to get a permanent resident status when I could even go to Spain as a tourist?

There's when we met a true quebecker. He wrote us some mails for our peace of mind. Among other things discussed, he reminded us is not the same to attemp to travel to Canada than to Spain, taking account Canada's interested in welcoming immigrants every year.

The biggest and greatest thing of all? We spoke all the time in quebecker french (to our joy), cause all the time we had been studying standard french. I thank him even today (I'll probably be thankful forever) for giving me back my selftrust, the hope and the sleep I had been missing.

The big day arrived. We headed to Bogotá one day before the date, so we wouldn't look so tired after 10 hours of land-traveling. We used that day to repeat a thousand times the answers to our "sample" interview.

Our date was at 14 h. We left at 12h so we didn't get caught in a traffic jam. We arrived 45 minutes later. We were planning to have lunch near the embassy (that's what we thought)

We inmediatly went to the embassy but it was close (of course). We went to the mal in front of there. At the end we weren't able to lunch! We were way too nervous. So finally we ended up walking around. After all we were both looking really good in our suits.

13h45 we returned to the embassy. The girl in the reception made us wait a little while, then she introduced us to our "guide" a man whom all I can remember is that he was really really nice.

- We have to go to the hotel in front -he said- Because the conseiller didn't like our office here in the embassy.

What!!!! (I thought) That man has to be terrible!

We followed our guide in silence. We ended up going again to the mall we had been walking before for an hour.

We arrived to the hotel's lobby the gards immediatly ask us:

-Are you here for an immigration interview (what did betray us?)

-Yes we are

-We will anounce you


The was a gard woman who had to search me. She asked me:

-Are you nervous?


-Don't worry you'll see how everything turns out fine.


We headed to the elevator, my husband grabbed my hand very strongly, trying to pass me his serenity and trust, with this bond no one could destroy...

Eternal minutes while waiting Mr. Terrible to open the door. Finally he opened:

-Buenas tardes doctor -said our guide-

-Buenos dias.

-Aca estan los candidatos, yo regreso a la embajada.

-Ok gracias.

We looked to each other very surprised. He speaks spanish!!! Great!!! But we didn't know that was all the spanish we were going to hear in the entire interview...

-Bonjour -said Mr. Terrible to us-

-Bonjour monsieur we answered in one voice.

After the introductions and all the interview began. Everything happened quite different to what we had pictured in the first place, but it was a beautiful surprise, Mr Terrible introduced himself so I could stop thinking of him as some kind of ogre, I was so mistaken he was in fact a really kind and understanding man. He spoke to us as if we were just kids, then as he realized we trully understood his words he start speaking faster, really quickly.

Oh people! We're so amazing! In only 40 minutes of conversation we were all comfortable, it felt like we have known each other for a very long time. To the point I dared to ask:

- Qu'est-ce que vous dérange de l'Ambassade?

- Le bruit!!! Il y a des bâtiments en construction juste a côté... on peut rien entendre!!

And it was true. There were buildings under construction right next to the embassy... we didn't think of that! Always thinking the worst...

And that was it the end of our interview. The conseiller congratulated us and even gave us a hug, he said he wouldn't forget us; we were moved, in the edge of bursting in tears, all our efforts, our dreams all had led us to hear this phrase:

"Vous avez très bien réussi, bravo! Soyez bienvenus à votre nouveau pays"

We didn't walk out... we felt we were flying! A new chapter of our lifes was ready to be written from that 18 september 2007...

We won´t forget you "non plus" Mr. Poisson...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Timing: a bitter sweet symphony

Here it is, our timing in terms of immigration. I would love you to leave in your comments your timing if you're migrating so that we could take a reference, for those waiting their visas and those just begining the process.

Sending our first file to Mexico: 7 February 2007
Opening confirmation: 13 march 2007
Interview notification: 26 july 2007
Interview: 18 september 2007
Sending our second file to Bogotá: 12 october 2007
Opening confirmation: 3 December 2007
Notification of medical reports: 25 february 2009
Medical examination: 02 march 2009
Sending passports: 02 march 2009
Sending medical results to trinidad and tobago: 03 march 2009
Visa arrival: 15 april 2009

Our process took exactly 16 month from the opening confirmation untill the arrival of our visas.

And how they say, Bon Courage! (to all, you and us)


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Vous parlez français?

Learning french: The golden key.

You need to know that all that matters to the quebecker goverment is the fact that you can express yourself clearly and that you understand what you're told, no matter where did you study, how many hours you studied, in the end, you'll prove yourself in the interview for almost an hour.
November 2006: None of us knew how to speak french. The only thing we had in mind it was to learn in order to reach our goal. No second opinions. The options:
- A cours in the "Alianza francesa" 16 level, each for $75 dollars plus the book, the handbook etc, etc.... Our monthly income was $400 dollars. Yes it was really really hard to pay over $180 dollars a month...
So what we did?
1. We finally chose the main applicant (me :D ) so I was the one in charge of going to class and then go back home teach my husband the daily lesson.
Yes, that's right. Only I had the chance to study! It was hard going after work take the french class and then play the teacher at home... we used to fall asleep by midnight... Just like Cinderella!
2. After 3 months of course we sent our certificate. By this time I was in the basic level. He sent a hand-written letter from my husband explaining it was impossible for him to attend classes because of his working schedule. (yeah, right). We took this risk. We could do so because we had a lot of points in other areas like age, work experience, etc. Fortunately in the end all went fantastic!
And please don't get me wrong: I highly recommend doing the french course. It's just we didn't have enough money in that particular time in order to do it.
3. And after sending our papers... to wait! We waited the immigration bureau to fix the interview date. Meanwhile, we continued to study french for free. Yes for free!!! In the net: this is a french course from Texas University (A gift from God). It has the beginners and intermediate's content and a lot of downloadble ressources.
4. Until today, we devote our free time to the french television (TV5 monde) and we hear quebecker's radio stations all day long (My colleagues in the office are just tired of hearing french music, poor little things)
5. There are a great deal of sites in the net where you can find french exercises in order to practice like:

A site from the government where you'll find a compilation of online exercises for every single level.

more online exercises.

The site from TV5 monde where you'll find a lot of interesting exercises.

to find the songs we heard on the radio.

A special show focused on immigrating to Quebec (in french)

6. After you get your CSQ Quebec's government offers you an online course (the best idea in the whole world) as we have to wait so long in our depart country, we can make the most of that time by studying Quebec's culture, language and more. Each month we have the chance to meet our teacher and classemates who are like us, waiting their visas.
We hope you'll find this post usefull as we did.

the pictures are a google image search : "PARLER FRANÇAIS"

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Waiting our dreamed visa

After you get the "Certificat de séléction du Québec" comes a period of waiting your visa in order to travel and that's different for each country. In Latinamerica, brazilians wait 9 months (lucky them). Colombians 16 months and cubans 22 month (that's the longest deadline in latinamerica). So in our case, we wonder WHY THIS PROCESS TAKES SO LONG!!!

I did a little research and I found the following reasons why we have to wait all this time:
1. The annual number of allowed immigrants: Immigration Canada allows certain amount of people to enter the country. In 2009 between 240 000 to 265 000 will be received. And clearly there are more aproved visas than the places available to fullfit. So we have to "make a line" the oldest demands firts, and if you don't make it... you have to wait untill next year! (begin to pray to Saint Job) With a little improvement this year: People who practice a profession in demand have a major priority. So that means this people will "skip" the line as they are needed in the job market. Go do the math!
2. The bogus refugees: The canadian and colombian government have a signed agreement that allows colombian people whose lives are in danger to travel to canada as a refugee (Indeed a noble gesture) but there's a little detail that bugs us: A huge portion of this kind of demands is a complete lie! We even know that there's people buying the refugee status! So, to us, that just mean more people skiping the line. This is a serious problem not to mention is unfair for people waiting their visas lika ourselves. The canadian government already knows about this situation but there's nothing much to do, as is colombia's government the one in charge to verify and certificate the truth and condition of the people "in danger". If this situation continues it's just a matter of time for the canadian government to have enough, so this agreement may end. The victims? The people who is in real jeopardy! Truly, not a nice problem at all.
3. Oh Colombia, you are so big!!! There's just one embassy in colombia delivering visas for the whole territory and not only the colombian one but also the ecuatorian's territory. For sure a huge extension of land for just one office.
And well... that's it. That what I've found. The reasons why we are still waiting here, while our dreams are there, up north.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our start!

Hello everyone!

With this blog we're expecting to contribute along with other latinamerican bloggers to the understanding of this process of migration.

Migrate is a decistion we don't regret so far, we're a couple without kids (yet) so for us, was the perfect timing to make up our minds into this.

We are in the middle of the process, we have been waiting for 13 months now, the canadian embassy permission to proceed with our medical tests in order to receive our visas. We are ok with this. We already knew what we were getting into.

I would like to invite you all to comment our posts, to write us and even to make us suggestions and questions. We like to think this blog is almost your own so... go ahead.

With a little bit of luck, this blog we'll be the journal of our adventure, from leaving for the firts time our beloved country to the arrival at Quebec, the fullfitness of our dreams and our integration to a new society.

I'm glad to write and share this.

A million hugs!