Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Waiting our dreamed visa

After you get the "Certificat de séléction du Québec" comes a period of waiting your visa in order to travel and that's different for each country. In Latinamerica, brazilians wait 9 months (lucky them). Colombians 16 months and cubans 22 month (that's the longest deadline in latinamerica). So in our case, we wonder WHY THIS PROCESS TAKES SO LONG!!!

I did a little research and I found the following reasons why we have to wait all this time:
1. The annual number of allowed immigrants: Immigration Canada allows certain amount of people to enter the country. In 2009 between 240 000 to 265 000 will be received. And clearly there are more aproved visas than the places available to fullfit. So we have to "make a line" the oldest demands firts, and if you don't make it... you have to wait untill next year! (begin to pray to Saint Job) With a little improvement this year: People who practice a profession in demand have a major priority. So that means this people will "skip" the line as they are needed in the job market. Go do the math!
2. The bogus refugees: The canadian and colombian government have a signed agreement that allows colombian people whose lives are in danger to travel to canada as a refugee (Indeed a noble gesture) but there's a little detail that bugs us: A huge portion of this kind of demands is a complete lie! We even know that there's people buying the refugee status! So, to us, that just mean more people skiping the line. This is a serious problem not to mention is unfair for people waiting their visas lika ourselves. The canadian government already knows about this situation but there's nothing much to do, as is colombia's government the one in charge to verify and certificate the truth and condition of the people "in danger". If this situation continues it's just a matter of time for the canadian government to have enough, so this agreement may end. The victims? The people who is in real jeopardy! Truly, not a nice problem at all.
3. Oh Colombia, you are so big!!! There's just one embassy in colombia delivering visas for the whole territory and not only the colombian one but also the ecuatorian's territory. For sure a huge extension of land for just one office.
And well... that's it. That what I've found. The reasons why we are still waiting here, while our dreams are there, up north.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our start!

Hello everyone!

With this blog we're expecting to contribute along with other latinamerican bloggers to the understanding of this process of migration.

Migrate is a decistion we don't regret so far, we're a couple without kids (yet) so for us, was the perfect timing to make up our minds into this.

We are in the middle of the process, we have been waiting for 13 months now, the canadian embassy permission to proceed with our medical tests in order to receive our visas. We are ok with this. We already knew what we were getting into.

I would like to invite you all to comment our posts, to write us and even to make us suggestions and questions. We like to think this blog is almost your own so... go ahead.

With a little bit of luck, this blog we'll be the journal of our adventure, from leaving for the firts time our beloved country to the arrival at Quebec, the fullfitness of our dreams and our integration to a new society.

I'm glad to write and share this.

A million hugs!