Friday, February 13, 2009

Timing: a bitter sweet symphony

Here it is, our timing in terms of immigration. I would love you to leave in your comments your timing if you're migrating so that we could take a reference, for those waiting their visas and those just begining the process.

Sending our first file to Mexico: 7 February 2007
Opening confirmation: 13 march 2007
Interview notification: 26 july 2007
Interview: 18 september 2007
Sending our second file to Bogotá: 12 october 2007
Opening confirmation: 3 December 2007
Notification of medical reports: 25 february 2009
Medical examination: 02 march 2009
Sending passports: 02 march 2009
Sending medical results to trinidad and tobago: 03 march 2009
Visa arrival: 15 april 2009

Our process took exactly 16 month from the opening confirmation untill the arrival of our visas.

And how they say, Bon Courage! (to all, you and us)


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Vous parlez français?

Learning french: The golden key.

You need to know that all that matters to the quebecker goverment is the fact that you can express yourself clearly and that you understand what you're told, no matter where did you study, how many hours you studied, in the end, you'll prove yourself in the interview for almost an hour.
November 2006: None of us knew how to speak french. The only thing we had in mind it was to learn in order to reach our goal. No second opinions. The options:
- A cours in the "Alianza francesa" 16 level, each for $75 dollars plus the book, the handbook etc, etc.... Our monthly income was $400 dollars. Yes it was really really hard to pay over $180 dollars a month...
So what we did?
1. We finally chose the main applicant (me :D ) so I was the one in charge of going to class and then go back home teach my husband the daily lesson.
Yes, that's right. Only I had the chance to study! It was hard going after work take the french class and then play the teacher at home... we used to fall asleep by midnight... Just like Cinderella!
2. After 3 months of course we sent our certificate. By this time I was in the basic level. He sent a hand-written letter from my husband explaining it was impossible for him to attend classes because of his working schedule. (yeah, right). We took this risk. We could do so because we had a lot of points in other areas like age, work experience, etc. Fortunately in the end all went fantastic!
And please don't get me wrong: I highly recommend doing the french course. It's just we didn't have enough money in that particular time in order to do it.
3. And after sending our papers... to wait! We waited the immigration bureau to fix the interview date. Meanwhile, we continued to study french for free. Yes for free!!! In the net: this is a french course from Texas University (A gift from God). It has the beginners and intermediate's content and a lot of downloadble ressources.
4. Until today, we devote our free time to the french television (TV5 monde) and we hear quebecker's radio stations all day long (My colleagues in the office are just tired of hearing french music, poor little things)
5. There are a great deal of sites in the net where you can find french exercises in order to practice like:

A site from the government where you'll find a compilation of online exercises for every single level.

more online exercises.

The site from TV5 monde where you'll find a lot of interesting exercises.

to find the songs we heard on the radio.

A special show focused on immigrating to Quebec (in french)

6. After you get your CSQ Quebec's government offers you an online course (the best idea in the whole world) as we have to wait so long in our depart country, we can make the most of that time by studying Quebec's culture, language and more. Each month we have the chance to meet our teacher and classemates who are like us, waiting their visas.
We hope you'll find this post usefull as we did.

the pictures are a google image search : "PARLER FRANÇAIS"