Friday, September 25, 2009

T-Rès Trois-Rivières

Just as the motto I ♥ NY, Trois-Rivières, our adoptive hometown has it's own very interesting motto: T-Rès + a shock word such as "cool", "chic", "wow". I just love it. This four months we have been enjoying ourselves thanks to the magic word "loisir" I don't even think that exist in my dear Colombia. We have seen concerts, theater, all kinds of street shows, we have also eaten cakes, hot dogs, corn... we have been in a lot of free activities. July the first (Canada day), we witnessed fifteen minutes of this:

But the spectacular one, was this, presented by the grand prix de Trois-Rivières and the 375 years committee, syncronizing music and a narrated story we were fortunated enough to see the whole 30 minutes trip through history, it was actually touching:

This year the town it's also the cultural capital of Canada, so the amount of free activities organized by the city is countless, not to mention we're living right in front of a park.

I'm starting to fall in love with this city, but I'm really taking it slow untill I survive my first winter. For now, I just try to keep my camera as close as possible in order to find the treasure hidden in this land. These are some of the pics I've sent to the flick r group:

and well, coming soon, there will be some new pics joining this bunch cause this sunday (27th september) we are going to see (for free obviously) a cirque du soleil show.

Je suis vraiment T-Rès contente!