Sunday, November 7, 2010

As promised, Cirque du Soleil 2009

A year ago, I was announcing my plans to tell you all about the cirque du soleil free show @ Trois-Rivières. All in all, every show we saw for the 375th aniversary of our city was amazing.

And the city was pure beauty, there were flowers in virtually every corner, banners everywhere, almost all shops were decorated and even some residential houses joined the city.

Trois-Rivières charmed us and we felt in love like a couple of kids.

As long as I remember, no one complained about anything that summer. It was all about party and joy everywhere. For the cirque's show, every resident of this city went to the nearest mall, presenting a bill as proof of residency at 6 o'clock IN THE MORNING. Some people make it earlier and others even spent the night waiting for those tickets.

From six to eight a.m. we all lined up, we talked with strangers (about the weather, we're canadians after all) we told all kinds of jokes and we bought coffee and cupcakes from a truck. What a fantastic idea to sell coffee in your truck for all those people waiting for their free tickets in a cold morning. I'm sure that guy who camed up with the idea was colombian.
Even lining up people managed to smile!

The cirque ended giving two shows due to the huge number of people trying to get themselves a ticket. The first show was presented saturday the 26th september and the second was shown the next day. We went sunday.

Lights and fire works in the stage

The host of all important shows was an actor playing Laviolette Trois-Rivières founder.

Before the cirque show there were musical acts, we didn't even noticed how much time we waited for the cirque's show. The show was about a typical circus but the animals were played by the artists. The cirque du soleil is an amazing experience for all senses, including the sixth. If you have the chance to go to one of their shows go for it. Their music, stunts, costumes, make up, everything, everything about it is out of this world.

It's such a shame I wasn't able to capture a good picture of the show, but it's too late now to complain. It's kind of funny to tell you all this a year later... especially due to serious criticism about the 375th organization. I wouldn't really make any political statements in our blog so as a good colombian I'm going to drop it.

Let's not forget life is all about balance!
So, a list lessons learned cirque du soleil 2009:

1. To go to a cirque du soleil's show is mandatory in everybody's life. Can you tell me if you have seen it?

2. Citizens should check public investments and projects before are during their execution... not a year later.

3. If you're in love of the city you are living in, you better keep yourself up to date of everything that's going on there. To love also means to care.

4. Corruption exists everywhere. Don't go thinking that belongs only to countries as Colombia.

That's all folks! I have no more choice that continue to tell our everyday in Three-Rivers. Until then!

Monday, September 20, 2010

No estaba muerto, andaba de parranda

I have no idea how to start to re-write, but somehow, here I am. A line it's already something, right? I've been always looking to write, I even had tought of the title a couple of months ago... it's the name of a colombian folk song, it means: I wasn't dead, I was just partying. Great title but what about the content?

farm path, portes ouvertes sur les fermes de Québec 2009

I can not promise anything I might just not be able to keep. I don't know how often I'm going to write in the future. All I know, is that both my Barramejo and I are quite interested in continue to tell our story. It's true, it isn't such a great deal but we feel dued to left our experiences written somewhere, cause there has been so many twists in our lives and what today is normal for us tomorrow will be nothing but a memory, another tale lost in a chapter of an old yellow book.
Tents, les délices d'automne, 2009

All I can say for now to all those who wish to immigrate to a different country, those who already started the process or have receantly arrived and to make a sinopsis of our lives in this past year is this: your lives will continue to change in a dramatic way, everytime you succed and of course with every failure. Arriving at your destination is not the end of the book, is the begining! And if you touhgt that all the hard work was done you were wrong: the difficult part of immigrating is making the new land your home. That's a trully hard work. Getting your visa ladies and gentlement was just a piece of cake.

We are very very very happy. we're both working; we moved before our lease was over, we were blessed to host a friend at home, we have made lots of friends, we have travelled, we had our hearts broken, we have been often surprised... a year passes quickly but there are so many things left unsaid, how many lessons learned, how many laughs and how many tears dropped!

And if there's one thing I want you to remember is to never stop BELIEVING, TRUSTING. It doesn't even mathers if you make it to leave your country or not, the strenght of positive thinking, faith, the karmik forces, the yin and yang's balance or just luck if you are able to dream, if you really dream well you will end by making it happen. We're a proof of that. Of course, there will be cloudy days, but all in all we have exceeded our hopes.

So, we'll continue to read each other! (maybe) what I missed the most was reading other's blogs and I'm really glad to know they're still there and I hope to be able to keep telling our days so that you will understand all the reasons that kept us away from the blog.

But the title is a great clue, I feel just like a girl suffering THE hangover after a long night of dancing, singing, drinking and monkeying around who has to explain herself to her mother and even to her grandmother. Not a great feeling at all.

But still, it's amazing to live our lives with the joy of a party!

Corner between Forges and Royale street.