Saturday, June 6, 2015

Good morning sunshine

What's really funny about movie jokes it's too feel identified with them.

That's why I'm sharing with you this pic from Walt Disney's animated studios' "Frozen". The actual fact's story I'm about to tell you happened this year...

- Mom and dad: zzzzzzzzz
- One: Mom?  Is that you making noises in the kitchen?
- Mom: No, I was sleeping!
- Dad: zzzzzzz
- One: What's for breakfast? I'm hungry...
- Mom: (tears of resignation) I'm coming honey, I'll be in the kitchen...
- Dad: zzzzzzz

It was a beautiful  juin's morning. It was sunny, and the cold wind shook the branches softly. Diaz family were cozily sleeping when all of a sudden...

- Two: dadadada .... ta ta ta ta!
- Mom and dad: zzzzzzz
- One: Mom?
- Mom: hhhhmmm?
- One: My little brother has awoken, but I'm still sleeping.
- Mom: My maternal instinct is telling me you're awake too darling...
- Dad: zzzzzzzzz